Machinable Wax

Environmentally Friendly Prototyping

Universal Impact

Xenoil™ wants to help the global community understand that oil is a renewable resource. By creating materials such as machinable wax and 3D printing filament utilizing recycled plastics, we can change industry’s perception of oil and plastic reuse. Every customer who purchases our products will play a part in innovative waste reduction, having huge impacts on many industries.

We invite you to become a part of the green manufacturing community by purchasing Xenoil products today!

Resourceful Innovation

Just like paper, glass, and metal, any oil-based product can be recycled. There are many ways to recycle them -- you just need to tap into the right methods and resources in such a way that can be used in other products. Xenoil is a U.S. pioneer and combines industrial plastic waste with unique manufacturing processes to create our signature products, XenoWax™ and XenoFiber™.

XenoWax is the only recycled machinable wax on the market. The wax can be used within machine shops, building engineering prototypes, modeling in jewelry making, or lost wax casting facilities. The black-colored wax has a clean, sleek, and professional finish suited for any prototyping need.

Earth-Friendly Practices

When manufacturers create water bottles, milk containers, or other types of containers, they will evaluate the quality of their product before selling it. Sometimes items are deemed “not fit for sale” solely because there may be a small dent in the plastic. Therefore, the item isn’t “perfect,” and they can’t sell their products. Well, it has to go somewhere.

That’s where Xenoil comes in. We purchase these pre-consumer plastics that otherwise would go to landfills — our DEP-certified partners process and de-waste this material, which we then use in our products. Our machinable wax uses 40% of this recycled material, and our 3D-printed filament is made from 100% of this recycled material -- with the bonus of completely recyclable packaging.