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Investment Casting

Investment Casting XenoWax

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Investors, manufacturers, and foundries have been seeking ways to increase production speed while maintaining high accuracy. The solution is XeroCast. XeroCast offers high accuracy, low melt point, and low ash content, so you know your component will come out perfect - every time.

Industry-leading investment casting process

The investment casting process is an ancient method of producing metal components that has been widely used in the manufacturing industry for over a century due to its ability to produce parts with a variety of complex shapes, high precision, good surface quality and low cost.

The history of investment casting goes back to the late 1800s. The first investment castings were made by pouring molten steel into plaster molds. Modern day investment casting is a metal casting process in which molten metal is poured into a mold that has been filled with sand, ceramic, or other refractory material, and then they are allowed to cool and harden.

Investment casting is used to produce metal parts from wax models, coating with a ceramic shell, where the wax is then autoclaved to only leave the ceramic.  The cavity will then be injected with molten metal and allowed to cool and harden.The benefits of using this process with XeroCast include its ability to create complex shapes with intricate detail, its ability to produce large quantities of parts at low cost, and its ability to create complex shapes without any need for additional machining or finishing work.

Low melt point

XeroCast increases the speed of wax injection processes by decreasing the injection cycle time due to its melting point. Secondly, the low melting point of XeroCast means less energy is needed to de-wax the ceramic shell while it is being autoclaved. This makes the castings much more dimensionally accurate than those produced by sand casting which have a naturally higher tolerance.

These elements combined help increase efficiency during the manufacturing process positively impacting your facility’s productivity while also reducing energy requirements, both of which help reduce manufacturing expenses. 

Low ash content for higher productivity

Investment castings are becoming increasingly popular in industries like automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and medical device manufacturing because they allow companies to produce higher volumes of more complex parts with much less labor than die casting or machining processes. Ash generated from the dewaxing process can cause seed crystals causing cracks and surface defects in the metal during cooling. 

XeroCast’s low ash content lowers your project’s defect rate inturn making you more money leading to higher return on investment (ROI) on projects.

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