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Machinging Education

Machining Education with XenoWax

Train the next generation of machinists with the professional training and hands-on experience they need from a school that's committed to their success.

A machinable wax for those who want to learn how to machine

Machining Education in trade school is the most important step in developing the next generation of machinists. A day-to-day job for a machinist entails operating machinery, such as lathes, milling machines, or grinders. According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, subtractive manufacturing is the process of removing material from a solid block or bar (called stock) to create a desired shape. Machining involves the cutting of stock using a rotating cutting tool and either moving the workpiece on an axis or moving the cutting tool on an axis.

Trade schools give students an opportunity to train within a machine shop and provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in industry through internships and beyond during their career.

With XenoWax, schools can provide students with a durable material that is forgiving on machines.  XenoWax gives students the opportunity to practice their trade as a cost effective solution for schools, educators and teachers.

Learn how to machine from scratch or work on advanced techniques

If you're just starting out or want to improve your skills, XenoWax can help you with your training needs. XenoWax can be utilized by individuals at various levels offering real-world experience through hands-on training. Machining is a difficult process for most students. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn how to use the machine tools, and it takes even more time and experience to start machining difficult parts. One way to help students gain confidence in this skill is by teaching them the basics of machining first before they jump into more complicated parts. This approach will help them understand what machining is all about and how it can be used in the future.

Hand on machining is an excellent way of learning and gaining confidence. A hands-on approach to learning, utilizing XenoWax, gives students the opportunity to use their knowledge in a practical way by utilizing different tools, machines, materials and processes involved in manufacturing. These fundamental skills can be used in many fields such as engineering, product design, manufacturing or construction.

Machining difficult parts can be daunting for some people, especially if they do not have any experience with it. Advanced machining skills are needed to create the most intricate parts that employers are seeking. XenoWax will allow students to walk away with a new skill set and more confidence in themselves after completing a course utilizing XenoWax.

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