What Does It Mean to be Xeno?

What Does It Mean to be Xeno?

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Two years ago today, Xenoil, LLC was created to revolutionize the manufacturing industry’s views of oil-based products and plastics. When Xenoil was conceived, a gargantuan question arose that we could only begin to answer after these two long years. 

What does it mean to be Xeno? 

The prefix “Xeno” means to be alien or come from a different place. Our company and our products, which are alien and revolutionary to the industry, can change the way others view plastics recycling.

Plastics recycling has always been seen as inferior, dirty, and cheap. Still, it's a fantastic way to prolong the life cycle of plastics, therefore, minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Plastics recycling also helps to reduce the world's consumption of oil, as it’s the primary ingredient in creating “virgin plastic." In layman’s terms, virgin plastic is plastic that has never been used or processed before.

Any oil-based product can be recycled if you tap into the right methods and resources. Plastics, resins, and other petrochemical compounds, which are the most significant contributors to oil-based waste, have traditionally been seen as disposable instead of repurposable. With the technologies we have at Xenoil, we can take plastics from local partners and turn them into new and innovative products.

Here at Xenoil, we like to support local businesses. Recycling facilities are often meager, so they rely on partnerships with local manufacturers to work towards the mutual goal of reducing high rates of plastic pollution.

We purchase plastics from a local facility to manufacture Xenowax, which is our machinable wax that can be used for building engineering prototypes, modeling in jewelry making and more. Not only is the transaction positive for local businesses, but it's good for reducing carbon footprint as well because plastic waste doesn’t have to be shipped to other manufacturers or landfills. 

To be Xeno is to be different. To be Xeno is to be going against the grain and thinking outside of the box of using virgin materials. To be Xeno is to be alien. To be alien is to be able to change the world.

We look forward to a future with little to no virgin plastics in the world.