Xenoil™ is owned and operated by Anthony Prato and Rachel Prato (neé Hodgins), whose idea for a business was born in an engineering class at Wilkes University. Anthony had an interest in engineering and sustainable business practices, while Rachel had a passion for the environment and waste plastic profusion. Their combined passions brought Xenoil to life — and a $12,000 first-place prize for pitching Xenoil at the 2021 Spark Bowl, hosted by Delaware Valley University, and a $3,000 first-place prize at the 2018 Start Me Up Challenge, hosted by Bucks County Community College. In addition to XenoWax™, Xenoil is actively developing other products that are carbon neutral or utilize post-consumer waste to help improve the planet.

Our Team

Anthony Prato

Rachel Prato

Alexandra (Alex) Lashner


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