Invest with Impact

Invest with Xenoil and be part of the mission to transform plastic waste into valuable resources and create a positive social, environmental and financial impact.

Turning Waste into Opportunity

The mismanagement of oil resources has created plastic waste which has become a symptom of our times. Xenoil is the first company in the world to focus on the material science of waste oil products, disrupting the traditional plastics supply chain by creating like-for-like or higher quality raw materials out of plastic waste.

Transform plastic waste into valuable resources

We understand that plastic waste is a symptom of the mismanagement of oil resources, and our pioneering technology has enabled us to transform this problem into valuable resources that can be used for a variety of applications. Our team is dedicated to making this transformation possible in order to minimize the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Build an invaluable world with valuable waste

Xenoil offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to join forces with us in creating an invaluable world with valuable waste - making use of resources that would otherwise go unused or wasted. Investing in Xenoil not only provides financial returns but also contributes towards a better, sustainable future for all.

This is for informational purposes and is not a solicitation.