Micro Lathe Prototype Pack

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XenoWax Machinable Wax: Unleash Precision with Sustainable Power!

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation: XenoWax proudly incorporates 40% recycled content, minimizing environmental impact while delivering top-tier results.
  • Exceptional Strength to Flexibility Ratio: Experience the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, providing durability without sacrificing adaptability for intricate designs.
  • Immaculate Surface Finish: Achieve unparalleled precision and detail with XenoWax's ability to maintain a consistently high-quality surface finish.
  • G-Code Proofing Perfection: Ideal for G-Code proofing, XenoWax allows you to refine CNC programming with ease, providing a reliable material for testing and optimizing machining processes.
  • Prototyping Prowess: Elevate your prototyping game with XenoWax, the go-to choice for engineers and machinists seeking accuracy, reliability, and a material that meets the demands of intricate designs.

For Engineers and Machinists Who Demand Perfection:

XenoWax is meticulously crafted for professionals who refuse to compromise on precision. Whether you're a seasoned machinist or an aspiring engineer, this machinable wax is your ticket to unparalleled accuracy in prototyping and G-Code proofing. Rapidly iterate through designs with confidence, knowing that XenoWax's high strength to flexibility ratio and recycled content support your commitment to quality and sustainability.

Revolutionize your prototyping process and CNC programming with XenoWax - where innovation meets eco-conscious engineering. Embrace the future of machinable wax and elevate your projects to unprecedented levels of excellence.