XenoWax Jewelers Wax - 77mm x 154mm (5 Pack)

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Xenoil’s Machinable Wax, XenoWax, is the first machinable wax on the market to be made of recycled materials (about 40%). XenoWax has great characteristics that lend itself to being shaped with hand tools as well as being turned on a lathe, or machined on a mill. One of our favorite uses for our machinable wax includes sanity checking your CNC code; before running the part with valuable raw metals and untested code, with the possibility of crashing the tooling into the machine. Some other uses include lost wax manufacturing, jewelry design, and as a machinists training material. However, our favorite feature is its recycled nature.

Curated sizes of XenoWax for the jewelry industry. Sold in packs of 5